Dear Valued ECSA Member

As the first quarter of ECSA’s financial calendar draws towards closure, ECSA continues to strive for the full maximisation of its mandate: to ensure the registration of engineering practitioners and augment for safe practice of the profession within the public sphere. Like most professionals who must be registered with their professional councils, engineers need to be registered with ECSA. Through the New Registration System (NRS), ECSA will be able to strengthen engineering registration requirements to grow and reinforce industry competence.

ECSA understands that the deliverables of its mandate are co-existent with industry stakeholders. It is for this reason that the Council recently set up its first of many media events to address the challenges of poor engineering service delivery at municipalities. The media round table discussions took place on 10 June 2015 at the OR Tambo Cultural Precinct. The participating panel included representatives from the Public Protector’s office, the South African Local Government Association (SALGA), the Mayor’s office of Ekurhuleni Municipality, and ECSA. The discussions outlined an opportunity for closer collaboration between municipalities and the body regulating the engineering profession in order to ensure that the constitutional right to service delivery of every South African is met. This has stemmed from the challenges faced by municipalities in ensuring a seamless flow of service delivery and an ongoing focus on quality infrastructure development. Due to the success of the media roundtable, we will continue to host these events covering different topics that are pertinent to the industry at large.

As deliberated extensively in the media, ECSA is of the view that the issue of the employment of foreign engineers in this country needs to be understood in the context of contractual agreements between government or the employer and the engineers themselves. It would be irresponsible for ECSA to venture out of its gazetted mandate, into the territory reserved for the employers of the group in question.

In closing, we invite registered candidate engineering practitioners to take part in the ECSA committee structures so as to ensure that our stakeholders are part of the process of developing a formidable professional look for ECSA. The goal is to attract as many engineers as possible for registration through the NRS programme and create a platform that is transformed, transparent, fair and equitable.

We look forward to the continued support of all our members.

Yours truly,

Cyril Vuyani Gamede
ECSA President

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