Engenius visits Sci – Bono Engineering Week 2015

The Engenius team represented ECSA at Sci-Bono for the Engineering Week which took place from 04 – 08 May 2015, this is an annual event which showcases a range of careers available in the engineering profession and provide a platform for learners and educators to interact with industry.

The Engenius team’s participation in this event was meant at contributing towards the advancement of the Engineering profession, promotion of skills development and increasing the number of students enrolling into engineering study disciplines in tertiary institutions.

The Sci-Bono Engineering Week forms part of Sci-Bono’s career advocacy and skills development programme and targets Grade 8 – 12 Gauteng learners, educators as well as the youth. This gave Engenius an opportunity to continue working towards achieving their target of reaching 16 000 learners per annum.

Through exhibiting and conducting hands-on workshops, the Engenius team was able to enhance understanding and appreciation of Engineering, demonstrate its real life applications and how it affects our daily lives. It was also vital to highlight the essential key tools – pure Maths and Physical Science which are a pre-requisite for learners wishing to pursue a career in engineering.

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