Engenius spreads its wings to the Limpopo Rural Education Festival

Engenius has a task to promote engineering to learners in rural areas. The team attended the Limpopo Rural Education Festival (RED Fest) which was themes: Taking rural education to the next level. This event took place in the former Sekgosese College of Education in Mopani District Limpopo Province from 11 – 15 May 2015. The Engenius team engaged with learners to deliver engineering information and career guidelines to the participating Grade 7 to 12 learners.

The RED fest is one of few existing events in the province with objectives:

  • To continue to increase the higher standard of education in rural areas with an exponential growth.
  • To expose our rural learners to various Mathematics, Science, Technology and Engineering (MSTE) career opportunities
  • To enhance learners’ understanding and appreciation of MSTE through interactive workshops, projects, puzzles and mental mathematics challenges.
  • To raise awareness and enhancing understanding of our existing Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS). Also using cultural knowledge and customs to address health issues affecting our learners
  • To involve parents in supporting the schooling system as well as works of our learners in rural communities.

The event attracted about 30 000 learners and 832 teachers, with the Engenius hands-on workshop sessions reaching 507 learners.

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